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Extensive and fundamental changes are taking place in the world and especially in local economy which are essentially shifting the established rules of an international competition game. Pressure of Asian countries, the emerging knowledge economy, the increasing requirements for ecologic and technological standards applied in the European Union to industry and business generate different quality requirements. Synergy of effectiveness of activity – the main source of cost minimizing and innovation becomes a prerequisite. When assessing the fact that production of Asian manufacturers is already prevailing in the segment of small and medium prices and it will dominate in the nearest future, individual companies are seeking for methods of problem solution. One of them is clustering.
In December 2009 several large beverage and packaging manufacturing and managing companies such as  Birštono mineraliniai vandenys ir Ko Ltd, JsC Stumbras,  Italiana Lt Ltd, JsC Warta Glass Panevėžys,  Ekstara Ltd, etc. joined forces on the basis of the Alliance of Baltic Beverage Industry. Companies that have been collaborating for already many years strengthened their partnership and started seeking for better activity results in a coordinated way. In the meantime, Kaunas University of Technology participating in the cluster is a guarantee of successful scientific researches and technological development.



Create the conditions for increasing the international competitiveness of the cluster encouraging collaboration of its members and creation of bigger value added in all chains of value creation as well as increasing the scale of exploitation of the research and technological development potential of a beverage industry.



The biggest beverage industry association in the Eastern Europe



To attain that ABBI cluster would be a leader in the Eastern Europe according to the international competitiveness ratios.
Export development and encouragement.
Implementation of researches, technologic development and innovation in a beverage industry.
Creation of a socially responsible organization: encouragement of ecologic production, supporting of packaging waste management, fight against shadow market.

Graphic structure of the ABBI cluster

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